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Some suggestions on how you can get involved with the People's Health Movement and the issues it supports.

  • Read and discuss the Alma Ata Declaration, the People's Charter for Health, the Mumbai Declaration and the People's Charter of HIV/AIDS
  • Endorse the People's Charter for Health.
  • Sign the Million Signature Campaign demanding Health for All Now
  • Organise a convention of Primary Health Care workers and community level PHC volunteers. Listen to their experiences. Endorse their work.
  • Organise street theatre or folk culture events that express solidarity with the themes of the People's Health Movement through skits, songs and other forms of cultural expression. For example, a suggested theme could be how Primary Health Care needs and philosophy have been distorted by the market economy, how people have resisted these distortions and how they have taken health into their own hands.
  • Organise a street event, a public march, a candle light vigil, a human chain, a children's rally, a cycle rally, a walkathon, a run for health or any other event to express solidarity with the Health for All Now campaign.
  • Organise a small exhibition of Alma Ata Declaration principles and the action points of the People's Charter for Health.
  • Write a letter from your PHM Regional Circle to the Government (to the President, Prime Minister, Health Ministry and other related ministries such as Rural Development, Urban Development, Social Justice and Empowerment, Labour and Employment, Environment and Forests) and share your concerns about Primary Health Care and the concerns of the People's Charter for Health.
  • Write articles in the newspaper or in magazines, journals or your local newsletter on the need for Primary Health Care, the Health for All Now Movement and other PHM themes.
  • Translate the Charter and other PHM documents into your local language and distribute them freely to the community and local health officials. Make sure to send us a copy. You can download existing local language editions from our Resources page.
  • Organise a discussion and public signing of the People's Health Charter and the Million Signature Campaign in your town square or town hall or any other central point.
  • Organise talks and meetings in medical colleges, nursing colleges and other health worker training centres to sensitise the next generation of health professionals to the Health for All Now Campaign.
  • Launch a PHM circle in your institution/ local area/ district/ state.

Share your experiences with PHM

Send us a report, copy of invitation, programme, poster, photograph, video grab, press release, background papers, education materials or any other handouts about your activity so that we can put it on the website and the PHM Exchange. Send these materials to the PHM web team.