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U.S.: Help Launch the Global Health Watch 2!

8 Dec 2008

People’s Health Movement USA will be launching the Global Health Watch in several US cities this winter. Launches are currently being planned for Washington, D.C., Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Iowa City, and Madison, WI. GHW Launch at APHA

If you would like to help with one of these events, or organize an event in your own city, please send the following information to [email protected]:

City, State
Institutional Affiliation, if any
What would you be interested in helping with?

We will introduce you to other people working in your area and provide you with materials and information, including discounted copies of the Global Health Watch. Local launches could link to other planned events, or involve speakers, discussions, arts /cultural performances, or display areas for participating organizations. We also encourage presentation of the final report of the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health along with the GHW.


Global Health Watch is a collaboration of leading popular movements and nongovernmental organizations comprising civil society activists, community groups, health workers and academics. It has compiled the second edition of its alternative world health report – a hard-hitting, evidence-based analysis of the political economy of health and health care – as a challenge to major global bodies that influence health. Its monitoring of institutions including the World Bank, the World Health Organization and UNICEF reveals that while some important initiatives are being taken, much more needs to be done to have any hope of meeting the UN’s health related Millennium Development Goals.


The Global Health Watch 2 is now available for free download on the People’s Health Movement Website! Hard copies are also available for purchase from the Hesperian Foundation.

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