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Health for All Campaign

Health for All - The Campaign

This campaign is uniting PHM health activists locally and globally to mobilize for ‘Health For All’. To achieve this, the ‘Health for All Campaign’ provides a framework for a comprehensive strategy for change that includes:

  • political economy-based situation analyses and critiques,
  • addressing the structural, social and economic determinants of health
  • social mobilisation, and
  • the fostering of a vision for society that is based on equity, equality, participatory democracy and social justice.

The Campaign is an organising framework for mobilisation and movement building around Health for All. It offers a way for PHM circles, networks and activists to become involved in the PHM and is a vehicle for uniting us as a movement.

Health for All is affected by many determinants (political, economic, social) and the campaign therefore includes and embraces these differentissues united under the umbrella of Health for All.



To work towards the achievement of ‘Health for All’ as envisioned in the Alma Ata Declaration through uniting civil society globally to mobilize for political, social and economic transformations.



Broad Objectives

  • To promote the vision of the Alma Ata declaration and the need to address the structural, social and economic determinants of Health as a solution to the current health crisis
  • To enhance the capacity of health activists to take part in critical analysis of the global health crisis and,
  • To encourage and support advocacy and campaigning towards HFA
  • To create better understanding amongst health activists on the determinants of health and on the importance of promoting comprehensive health systems.

Operational Objectives

  • To strengthen and promote a united and visible People’s Health Movement in struggle for HFA, promoting change at structural and operational levels, through
    • Encouraging and supporting local and national level mobilization activities towards HFA
    • Providing avenues for global mobilisation
  • To organize a global launch and week of activism for local and global mobilization activities encouraging sharing experiences and learning from each other

The Campaign will be an ongoing long term campaign, with the process being key to building and strengthening our movement



The HFA Campaign incorporates several connected campaigns for addressing the underlying upstream and structural determinants of health and has two interlinked components:

Local Campaigns, organised locally, sub-nationally and nationally and driven by specific country circumstances and needs, resulting in the development of active and vibrant PHM country circles;


Global campaigns coordinated by campaign circles on identified themes. PHM country circles are encourage and supported to organize campaigns falling within these identified themes and relevant to their context.  We will facilitate networking, building coalitions and joint campaigns with others engaged in similar struggles elsewhere. New Campaign Circles will be developed as the need arises. The following Campaign Circles are currently active

·         Health and Reproductive Justice

·         Extractive Industries

·         Health Systems

·         Food Sovereignty

·         Fair and Healthy Work

·         Trade and Health

All campaigns, both thematic and country or local, together form one global Health for All Campaign.  A matrix mapping the different activities and showing the interconnectedness will soon be found on this website.


Health For All – WHY?

Mobilising towards ‘Health for All’ is at the core of the People’s Health Movement existence. But what is meant by this?

 "Equity, ecologically-sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world - a world in which a healthy life for all is a reality; a world that respects, appreciates and celebrates all life and diversity; a world that enables the flowering of people's talents and abilities to enrich each other; a world in which people's voices guide the decisions that shape our lives...."

The People’s Charter for Health

We believe ‘Health for All’ is a fundamental human right and as stipulated in the Alma Ata declaration of 1978, believe this to be an achievable social goal requiring actions inter sectorally in economic, social and health sectors. We believe that to create a healthy society, people’s voices need to be heard by those who make decisions about our health including what we eat, where we live, our drinking water, environment, working situation and all other issues impacting our health. We believe that health, poverty and inequity are closely linked and that to achieve Health for All requires equity within and between countries!


The Right to Health in a Health for ALL campaign

Within the Health for All Campaign, using the Right to Health approach will be one of the essential strategies to achieve Health for All. It is an important tactical instrument, but not the sole strategic instrument or approach. It is important to ensure that this approach is appropriately contextualised, is clearly linked to social mobilisation, and includes deeper political analyses of national and global structures and policies.


The human rights paradigm provides a powerful, persuasive and authoritative framework for mobilizing around health care and the social determinants of health.  Fundamentally the human rights paradigm reinforces the legitimacy of saying, ‘this is wrong!’; ‘we shall campaign to right this wrong’. The legal and conceptual frameworks through which human rights are institutionalized and elaborated upon enshrine a consensus around what is right and what is wrong and with the various treaties, conventions and covenants and commissions provide legitimation around the right to health. 

In addition, there are certain positive aspects of the rights based approach, which can make it an effective tool for developing the health movement.  For example, the human rights language has a strong universal appeal, and can enable a wide range of people, beyond health professionals and activists, to relate to key health issues and to get involved. The health rights approach helps to directly empower individuals, communities and organisations, enabling them to demand accountability for particular health related services and socio-economic determinants of health.

While the Right to Health framework is perceived as an important line of work within the PHM, it also has certain limitations For example, it is not always easy to identify the duty-bearers - country governments often argue that they have limited power to change the underlying/structural causes and accountability mechanisms do hardly exist for corporations and private foundations who have a profound impact on health.


Why Join?

We believe we need to unite in solidarity, raise our voices and provide alternatives to effect changes inspiring others. Standing together as one big global movement challenging the political and economical structures that lock us into the current health crisis, PHM offers access to comprehensive analyses which can assist in linking struggles on the ground to some of the complex political and economic relations governing our world today.

Being part of the campaign

  • Allows for collaboration and working together in finding solutions to structural and social determinants of ill-health.
  • Opens access to information, resources and external support in setting up a campaign
  • Gives access to mentors, experts, guidance and to capacity development
  • Builds solidarity and creates opportunity to learn from each other experiences
  • Allows you to inform analysis of the state of health and the realization of HFA locally and globally


Join Now

Key to this campaign is finding likeminded health activists and together building a PHM circle creating social, economic and political transformations that will impact positively on the health situation of All. Join the PHM country circle in your country or come together to build a country circle.

CLICK HERE for the contact details of the representatives of your region or visit the country pages. You can also contact the global secretariat on globalsecretariat [at] to find out about PHM circles in your country or region!

In being part of the HFA campaign one does not drop one’s own organizational identity. Quite the opposite, PHM embraces that many organizations uniting over an issue of joint concern create solidarity and stronger action. Becoming part of the HFA merely means that your campaign, organization believes in ‘Together Strong’ and in the need for us as health activist to unite under one strong umbrella: Health for ALL!