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The PHM’s Global solidarity Network (GSN)

The GSN is a vehicle for PHM to continue promoting global solidarity and enabling an independent global voice for health equity in the face of rampant neoliberalism. It provides a way of affirming your support for PHM, including through annual or monthly donations. The maintenance of a strong stable donor base will enable the movement to be uncompromising and independent in the stands we take.
Financial support through the GSN will enable PHM to continue our advocacy and engagement for health equity; contribute to the movement building, the development of resources for evidence-based advocacy, strengthening policy dialogue at different levels, and strengthening the ‘Health for All’ campaign as a platform for experience exchange and joint action.
Please consider also committing to a regular donation to PHM; no donation is too small, but please give generously.
If you wish to join the PHM’s Global Solidarity Network, please fill in the following form and indicate whether or not you want to include financial support.