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Join PHM-USA & PHM-Canada in 2016 People's Health Assembly

21 Dec 2015


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Join PHM USA & Canada in PHM-North America's People's Heath Assembly


The People’s Health Movement (PHM) in Canada and in the United States invite you to a people’s health assembly on 15 August 2016 in Montréal, Québec.


This meeting will happen immediately after the World Social Forum in Montreal, which we hope will inspire us, and give us concrete ideas for the work ahead to build the movement for health justice in North America. We also invite you to participate in the activities we are planning at the World Social Forum’s Health Space – where we will be collaborating with others amongst many themes, but in particular looking at extractive industries and health, as well as free trade agreements and health. 



Why you should come:

We all work in many different ways on health justice: from campaigns for access to healthcare for undocumented migrants, to monitoring the impacts of extractive industries on communities; from fighting the hold of corporate interests on medical research, to the impacts of the prison-industrial complex on the health of marginalised people. However, in our diverse and disparate ways, our common focus is clear – the right to a dignified health for all!


In this spirit, we invite you and your colleagues to this opportunity for us to come together to reflect, to strategise and to plan our ways forward in collaboration and in solidarity with each other to build this vision for health justice in North America.



What we will do:

Please note that the PHM assembly will be a working meeting. The focus of the gathering will be to build relationships, to strategise ways forward and to plan actions for activists and organisers in the movement: it will not be an academic conference. While we will not necessarily agree at the end of the day, we would like to be able to be speak to and about each other in common languages, develop framings we can use when working in alliance, and start to build a coherence to health justice movements across the continent, so that we may work to a broader common vision in concert. We seek to build a more coherent and collegial network of movements working on the right to health in its most comprehensive form. Because of the work we know you already do, we would love it if you were a part of this conversation!




How to participate:

There are many ways we would like to invite you to participate. While we would enjoy meeting you in person in Montreal, we know that it is not always possible to travel, and are also aware of the ecological consequences of such plans. Therefore, we invite you to speak with us over the Internet or phone in the months ahead to share ideas. If any of the coordinating team happens to be in your vicinity, please consider an in-person meeting with them too! We are open to other ideas of how to collaborate. Please note we have no resources available for travel.




Contact us through the following people:



Baj Mukhopadhay

 [email protected]



 Midwest / South / East

Leigh Haynes

[email protected]


Southwest / West / Northwest 

 Julia Robinson

 [email protected]



About us:

The People’s Health Movement is a broad network of health justice activists across the world, guided by the principles of the People’s Charter for Health. We have been involved in issues as wide-ranging as accessible primary care, the corporatisation of global agencies and the impact of extractive industries on community health. While members meet occasionally at global gatherings, the Canadian and US chapters call for a regional health assembly, similar to those held in Latin America and South Africa, to strategise, to organise and to plan a way forward for our movements on this continent. In North America, we are a network of volunteers, with no central office or staffing, and limited resources for organising. 


We understand health justice in its broadest forms: from access to formal biomedical care to the socioeconomic realities that shape our lives, from recovering indigenous healing traditions to the physical environments in which we live. We know that class, race and gender are just few of the factors that have an impact on the way we experience our health and our illnesses, and the ways in which we are enabled and are disabled. We also live within an economic system that values certain forms of work and certain types of relationships with the environment – to the profit of shareholders, but to the detriment of our health. Laws render us invisible or illegal, attitudes accuse us of immorality or ignorance – but we know that current systems are designed to protect the interests of the very few, at the expense of the health of us all.



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