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PHM Sri Lanka Organizes a Petition for Inclusion of Health Rights in the Proposed Constitution

15 Mar 2016

PHM Sri Lanka launched a campaign to collect signatures for a public petition to be submitted to His Excellency, the President of Sri Lanka, to have the rights for health enshrined in the proposed new Sri Lankan Constitution. This is one of the activities planned to be held during February and March 2016.  The campaign commenced in front of Fort Railway Station in Colombo on 04.03.2016. Fort Railway Station is a place where railway commuters from all parts of the island pass through daily and a popular location preferred by campaigners on various issues.

This activity was graced by  Former ministers and present members of the Opposition were present. Sarvodaya, Communist Party of Sri Lanka, Nawa Samasamaja Party, Social Party, Democratic Left Front, Government Printers Union, Good Shepherd’s Organization for Migrants,  Association of Health Education Professionals, Alternative Community Health Action, Savisthri Women’s Movement, Community Education Centre, MONLAR, Community Strength Development Front, Gemi Seva Sevana, Janavabodha suwa Savi Centre, Eksath Kamkaru Sammelanaya, Shramabhimani, and Grameeya Praja Sanvidhanaya also participated in this activity. Furthermore, there were responses from the Malayalam Speaking Community and three wheeler operators in the city of Colombo.  

The response from the public was encouraging and many appreciated the effort because some seemed concerned about the absence of health rights in the Constitution. There were requests to visit their  home towns in order that they could support to collect more signatures. As such, during the next few days, PHM decided to continue the activity at the Hospital Square near the National Hospital, Colombo, Kandy City Centre, one or two location in the South and  North.

The campaign was a great success.

The campaign is in progress

(Report prepared by S. Herath)

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