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PHM Uganda Outreach meeting

6 Dec 2016

Linda, the Africa outreach coordinator attended the 3rd congress of ASHGOVNET which focused on “Fostering Capacity for Health Governance and Leadership with a focus upon Health Workforce Development” from 28 to 30 November in Uganda. The Human Resources for Health crisis is major concern in the region and the discussions at the meeting looked at strengthening regional strategies in place such as the roadmap for Africa on HRH and strengthening the existing platforms for advocacy at national and regional level. Making use of this opportunity in Uganda she met with the members of PHM Uganda (Danny Gotto and Denis Bukenya) together with 6 members from Catholic skilled woman in Uganda who have just joined PHM Uganda on the 29th of November 2016. The organisation is hands on in communities and works with youth groups and patients. There was a special emphasis on PHM Uganda to work with them as grassroots organisation but also to bring in the component of social determinants of health and right to health in order for people to demand for their right to health as well as hold accountable those who are in authority to deliver essential services such as water. PHM Uganda is also looking at doing advocacy around institutionalisation of community health workers and engaging with other stakeholders in Uganda on the Human Resources Crisis in Africa.

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