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News from PHM Latin America: Sobre Encuentro en Rosario, Argentina

13 Jul 2017
A very important meeting was held in Rosario, Argentina, in early June, and PHM Latin America was greatly involved. This is the message they shared with us:
"Dear comrades in the Global Steering Council: 
we send you the final declaration of the meeting 'Madre Tierra Una Sola Salud' - 'Mother Earth only one health', in English and in Spanish, so that you may read it and share it. 
We also send a report from the PHM workshop that was held with representatives from different places, in which we shared about our struggles and  experiences, and explained to those who were new the history of our organisation. There were new people interested in joining. Finally, we would like to thank you for the support that you gave to the event. We were happy to receive a statement from Bridget and a video message from Chiara. 
Hugs and see you soon!
Marcela and Sandra"
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