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PHM Newsletter: request for stories, videos, pictures etc

18 Oct 2017

This year, so much PHM activity is happening across the world. Many regional activities as well as country activities took place in addition to the global activities. Last year in Bangkok the need to increase the visibility of these activities was expressed and since August there is a new focus on communications. It is in this light that we would like to continue the previous trend of sharing electronic newsletters. From 2018 there will be a quarterly newsletter. For 2017 we would like to publish one newsletter with as much as possible an overview of key activities that have taken place from July 2017 until now including announcements of activities that will take place until the end of the year.


The deadline for submitting articles has been extended to 21 October .  Articles are to be minimum 200 words with a picture attached. Small videos recorded via your phone are also welcome.


For 2018 there will be a more structured routine of newsletters but it is important to already share the multitude of activities that took place this year.


Please send your articles to [email protected] 

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