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HeRWAI, a strategic tool to enhance lobbying activities for better implementation of women's health rights

25 Mar 2009

The Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument, in short HeRWAI. is a newly developed, practical tool for organizations that want to bring a human rights approach into practice. Through a HeRWAI analysis, organizations can explore the impact of a policy is in terms of women's health rights and build up arguments to improve the policy. The analysis includes local, national and international influences and is based on the norms set by Convention on the Elimintation of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and International Convention on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. The electronic version of HeRWAI is available at:


Aim for human rights developed and tested HeRWAI in close cooperation with organizations from different parts of the world. Results of organizations that have worked with HeRWAI can be found at the same HeRWAI space, listed under ‘case studies' .

With HeRWAI, organisations can critically analyse policies of different scope and nature. To give some examples: organizations used it to look at maternity leave regulations, measures to reduce maternal mortality, access to mental health care, violence against women and possibilities to educate youth about reproductive health. The results of the analysis will strengthen the lobby of organisations for a better implementation of women's health rights.

Currently we are introducing HeRWAI to NGO's in different parts of the world as a way to apply the rights based approach in the daily activities of the organisation. The tool is mostly self explanatory, but it is possible to contact one of our HeRWAI trainers to provide a presentation on the tool and it's specific focus on Women's Health Rights, if they are available in your country.

Please click on the following link to find a list of available HeRWAI trainers and their contact details.

The tool is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian and Nepali.

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