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PHM Right to Health and Health Care Campaign update June 2009

1 Jan 2009

It is time again to give an update where the campaign has gone since the beginning of the year.

Several countries have joined or are in the process of joining the campaign*: Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Other countries have already submitted their plans and expect to start soon*: Gabon, Senegal and Djibouti.

Some countries have an ongoing campaign*: Burkina Faso, South Africa, Mali, Guatemala and India.

Some countries already submitted their campaign reports, but have been asked to make changes (please send those revised versions to Claudio!)**: DRCongo (and a separate East DRC report), Congo, Togo, Cameroun and Zimbabwe.

Countries that have already submitted their campaign reports (approved) and are planning to hold a national hearing to present the results (for which we can help them with some seed money): Uruguay (already held) and Benin.

[Any country not mentioned here is welcome to inquire with us how they can get a PHM circle going so as to launch the campaign].

We are continuing our efforts to fund raise for the campaign and have two options in the pipeline.

With the shift of the PHM Global Secretariat to South Africa, we are working with our new Global Coordinator (Bridget Lloyd) to put HR and RTH work more at the center of PHM work worldwide and hoping we will be able to hire a co-coordinator for the campaign.

The cadres involved in the campaign in the francophone countries of North, Central and West Africa are expected to attend the International People’s Health University (IPHU) session in Morocco for training (tentatively scheduled for the end to September).

Our regional coordinators for francophone Africa and South Asia (S. Nyombo and Kamayani) are active and helping.

*: These countries (except Colombia) have set up a new national PHM circle.

**: Changes requested are to better adapt the reports to the HR-based framework. In general, the reports do give a good picture of the RTH situation, but often fall short of making truly HR-based recommendations that mobilize claim holders to demand changes and work with duty bearers for them to live up to their obligations.

Claudio Schuftan
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