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Manifesto to Public Opinion on the Yellow Fever outbreak in Paraguay

18 Feb 2008

The National Movement for the Right to Health joins with the indignation and protest of the population of Laurelty for the complete dysfunction and ineptitude with which the National Authorities have managed the situation since the outbreak of yellow fever was unleashed in our country.

We hold responsible the President of the Republic and the Health Ministry for the deaths and illness from yellow fever that have happened and that can continue due to the lack of foresight, disinformation and irresponsibility in the face of this grave public health threat since information on the outbreak in Brazil was received.

The dysfunction of the Health ministry is shameful in that having the information of the Brazil outbreak before there was any suspicion of of the disease in ours, they did not take even the minimum steps, such as vaccination, to prevent the spread of the disease into the zones at risk.

We consider it a major insult that the same Health Ministry has given a false diagnosis to the first death from yellow fever in Laurelty and has lied to the people promising an immediate block (quarantine?) in the zone when eight days later it has still done nothing.

We consider it inhuman and unscrupulous what the population of Laurelty has denounced - that the few vaccines brought on February 13th were destined for the houses of Colorado political party operatives who prioritize the vaccination for party members.

We energetically condemn the abandonment of the citizenry by the authorities, leaving them on the edge of collapse without even the respect to listen to them and assume their responsibilities.

The population of Laurelty has given us a lesson on dignity and citizenship by going out into the streets to demand the right to public health for all without exclusions.

We exhort citizens to follow the example of Laurelty and demand that our authorities comply with their constitutional mandate to provide health for all the inhabitants of this country, without shirking from our commitment as citizens to redouble out efforts to eliminate all possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes in our houses and neighborhoods.

Today more than ever we reclaim the need for a true revolution in public health that makes the life of each citizen the highest value and justly defended.

Health is a right. It is not bought. It is not sold. It is not begged for. Health is the responsibility of the state.


Movimiento por el Derecho a la Salud
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