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PHM Ghana: New Leadership

15 May 2013

After a transparent, consultative process, PHM-Ghana has elected Mr. Kingsley Pereko as our new National Coordinator. The need for renewed leadership is mostly because of the need to structure our work in Ghana a bit more and bring in new leadership. Kingsley is a lecturer in Community Medicine at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. He has been an active member of PHM-Ghana for over three years now (especially in mobilizing a team in Cape Coast, but also nationally). You may remember Kingsley from the Dakar IPHU or PHA 3.From now on, Kingsley will handle communications with PHM-Ghana.

As part of this process, we are also setting up a number of working /functional groups to focus on some key areas. The groups are based on members areas of work/interest, and are envisaged to contribute to local and national discussions on issues on a continuous basis.

Functional groups:

· Health Systems (CPHC, Access to medicines, Health Financing, Health Services like immunization etc)

· Political Economy of Health and Health Governance (Trade and Health, Development Assistance for Health, etc)

· Determinants of Health (Social Determinants of Health, Food and Nutrition, Climate Change and Environmental Determinants of Health · Major Diseases and Conditions (HIV, Malaria, NCDs, and Injuries)

· Mental health and health emergencies


Please find CLICK HERE for a report of this election process which was handled by one of our dynamic members - Benjamin Biney.

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