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Vienna+20 Civil Society Organizations Declaration: Reclaiming the Primacy of Human Rights

5 Jul 2013

Claudio, on behalf of PHM, participated in the Vienna +20 civil society and official UN meetings in Vienna in June.
Vienna+20 celebrated 20 years from the historic Vienna Declaration and Plan of Action on human rights.
Although much was achieved in these 20 years, much did not materialize and needs to be forcefully restated.
That is what  the civil society declaration did after 2 days of deliberations and a long preparatory virtual process.
The official meeting sponsored by the Austrian Government and the OHCHR followed, but did not come out with a declaration.
As is often the case, the recommendations of the official meeting were more muted. They will be taken by the Austrian Government to intervene on discussions on the post-2015 agenda in the HR Council and the General Assembly.
We do not know how much they will take from the recommendations made. It is at their discretion, so is a political issue.

It is important for PHM members to read the CS declaration.  Find this important document in which PHM took part in the following link.

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