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Wondering how to GET INVOLVED in the PHM Health for All Campaign?

26 Aug 2013


In 2010 a commission was formed to evaluate the Right to Health campaign with the aim to build a second phase of this campaign which would focus on mobilization and movement building towards achieving the Alma Ata goal of Health for All. This resulted in the PHM Health for All (HFA) Campaign! What we provide below is a framework for action – ideas within should be seen as a guide rather than an instruction. We recognise that the campaign will take different forms and actions according to local needs and interest.

We are preparing to initiate the HFA Campaign and are looking for your active participation, we hope below will stir up your enthusiasm!

If you are interested in being part of the campaign, contact the PHM’ers in your country or your PHM regional representative to start exploring ways to get involved (see below for more information).

Let us know what is happening and be an inspiration for others! You can also contact the PHM global secretariat on globalsecretariat [at] phmovement [Dot] org and they will bring you in contact with above mentioned people!


In 1978 at the Alma Ata conference, 134 countries in association with the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF called for “Health for All by the Year 2000” and selected Primary Health Care as the best tool to achieve it. Unfortunately, that dream never came true and in subsequent years, health status has deteriorated in many countries. In 2000 in response to the denial of “Health for All”, PHM was formed and some years later initiated a Right to Health (RTH) Campaign. Following extensive consultation, the RTH campaign has been broadened and is being relaunched as the Health for All campaign, which will go beyond but still be inclusive of the rights based approach.

This campaign will catalyse change at both structural and operational levels. It is situated within a comprehensive analysis of the health crisis and incorporates several connected campaigns for addressing the underlying upstream and structural determinants of health. These are considered the fundamental pillars to address the current global health crisis, while also emphasizing the importance of social mobilization to achieve this. The Campaign will be an ongoing campaign, with the process being key to building and strengthening our movement.


The goal of the campaign is

To work towards the achievement of ‘Health for All’ as envisioned in the Alma Ata Declaration through uniting civil society globally to mobilise for political, social and economic transformations.


Get Involved

There are many ways of getting involved! There will be local and global actions and campaigns coming together under Health for All. The core of the campaign are the many local struggles of PHM health activists.

Local Campaigns are organised locally by PHM country circles driven by specific local or country circumstances, needs or denials of the right to health or falling within the thematic campaign circles. Any form of local action towards Health for All can be part of this campaign!  Local campaigns across the world can then gain solidarity and be strengthened through various actions as part of this global campaign.

Global campaigns are coordinated by campaign circles organised around identified themes. PHM country circles are encouraged and supported to organise campaigns falling within these identified themes and relevant to their context.  Networking, building coalitions and joint campaigns with others engaged in similar struggles would strengthen this campaign. New Campaign Circles will be developed as the need arises. The following Campaign Circles are currently active:

·         Gender Health Justice,

·         Extractive Industries,

·         Health Systems,

·         Food Sovereignty,

·         Fair and Healthy Work,

·         Trade and Health

If you are interested in being part of the campaign, get in contact with PHM activist in your region or country and start exploring themes or issues to build a campaign!

Organise a civil society meeting or workshop, or latch a meeting or workshop onto another event to save costs. If there is no chance of a meeting, then email or phone! Bringing together interested activists can be the foundation on which to start networking and building your campaign towards Health for All !

Then send us the theme (s) on which your country circle would like to campaign or is campaigning now!

The HFA campaign does not require you to change any of your activities, it is about being part of a global movement which will give your campaign the weight of many other struggles part of this campaign.

Why Join the campaign?

We believe we need to unite in solidarity, raise our voices and provide alternatives to effect lasting and sustainable changes. Standing together as one big global movement challenging the political and economic structures that lock us into the current health crisis, PHM offers access to comprehensive analyses which can assist in linking struggles on the ground to some of the complex political and economic relations governing our world today.

Being part of the campaign

- Allows for collaboration and working together in finding solutions to structural and social determinants of ill-health.

- Opens access to information, resources and external support in setting up a campaign.

- Gives access to mentors, experts, guidance and to capacity development.Builds solidarity and creates opportunity to learn from each other experiences.

- Allows you to inform analysis of the state of health and the realization of Health for All locally and globally.


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