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PHM watches Africa Regional Committee of WHO: AFRO

5 Sep 2013

The WHO AFRO Regional committee meeting is currently taking place in Congo Brazzaville. It started on the 2nd and will end on the 6th of September 2013. A team of WHO watchers is attending the meeting and watching the process. The watchers include PHM Ghana, PHM Congo and MMI representatives. This is the first time that that WHO watchers have attended the meeting to watch the process.


WHO watching involves documentation, analysis and advocacy which varies as appropriate at the region Critical to the work of WHO Watch are the links between the watching processes and the various struggles for health in various districts, states and provinces and at the national level. These links enable local activists to keep in touch with the global policy movements which shape the context for such local struggles.  These links also help to ensure that policy analysis and policy advocacy at the regional and global levels is informed by the reality of grass roots activism, both in health systems and around the conditions which shape health.    Therefore participation in the AFRO regional committee meeting would help us to strengthen the links between local struggles for health in Africa with the wider regional and global context by analysing, documenting and issuing comments or statements on the agenda issues put forward by the regional committee and sharing this process with health activists at country and regional level.

To view the WHO AFRO regional committee agenda and uploaded documents CLICK

CLICK HERE for the report of day 1

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