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The struggle for health in Europe - International People's Health University Thessaloniki, Greece 24/11 - 01/12/2013

6 Sep 2013

NEWS: applications for the International People's Health University in Thessaloniki are still open (deadline postponed at September 15th)! 

Your crisis is making us sick! – The struggle for health in Europe

International People’s Health University
24th of November to 1st of December 2013
Thessaloniki, Greece

Neoliberal policies in Europe are currently destroying any approaches to a comprehensive health care that people have been struggling for. More then 30% of the population in Greece is without any health insurance, drugs and dressing materials are lacking in hospitals. All through Europe the people are under attack by austerity and structural adjustment programmes proposed in the name of a debt crisis – which actually is a crisis of capitalism. Mass unemployment, racism and homelessness are rising – directly effecting wellbeing and health of the people. 
For decades the same fatal strategies have been dispossessing the right to health of the people in Africa, Latin-America and Asia; enforced by global players like the World Bank and the IMF as well as northern and southern governments. The methods were the same: unbearable debt interests, austerity, massive privatizations, unfavourable trade conditions, violent repression of the protest.
We need to connect the struggles against this “sick system” in Europe and globally. 
Since more then a decade the People’s Health Movement, a global grassroots movement, is struggling for “Health for All” - the International People’s Health Universities (IPHUs) being a central part of the activities. The aim is to improve collective learning, exchange of knowledge and experiences, networking and to develop common activities and projects – crossing borders and following an emancipatory approach.
Thessaloniki in Greece is the ideal place for all this. A multitude of projects of resistance have developed over the past years which we will visit during the field visits – discussing problems and chances of activism in times of crisis.

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Deadline extended to 15th of September!

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