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PHM Delhi Secretariat internship: reflection

9 Jan 2014

The Global secretariat of People’s Health Movement (PHM) in Delhi provided me the opportunity to interact with some of the worlds’ great leaders in health advocacy, and also helped me view and analyze many important and pressing issues in health sector from a perspective, which has always been concealed from the public.

My task involved studying the nexus between the food and beverage industries, and their contribution in the epidemiological transition of diseases in both the developed and as well as developing countries. This consignment helped me become incisive not only in my analytical and critical thinking, but also made me aware of the power of unregulated transnational companies in shaping our life’s personal choice, like our daily diet, our perception to various food varieties etc.

PHM drew my attention towards the urgent need for a large number of conscious and sensitive health professionals like us, who would commit to the efforts of movements such as PHM in combating the hegemony of the pharmaceutical and food industry consequently protecting people’s right to a health life.
Shradha Pant

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