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During the 134th WHO's EB session, Civil Society calls upon Member States to foil Conspiracy by Big Pharma to Undermine South African Patent Reforms

During the debate on 'Access to Essential Medicines' at the 134th WHO Executive Board meeting (Thursday 23 January 2014), the South African delegate made an intervention regarding the campaign plans of global pharmaceutical companies to undermine the proposed revision of South African patent laws. Other delegates also deplored what has been describe by the South African Health Minister as a plot to commit ‘genocide’. The WHO Director-General spoke of her determination not to allow pharmaceutical profits to take priority over access to health care.

Following the debate a group of civil society networks including Health Action International (HAI), Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), People's Health Movement (PHM) and Third World Network (TWN) issued a formal call for delegates to adopt a resolution expressing solidarity with South Africa. The Call includes background and proposed draft resolution.

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