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Call for Individual health activists, Government Authorities, CSO’s and Academic Institutions from Tanzania to take part in the AFRO Watching

21 Aug 2014

PHM Tanzania welcome individual health activist, Government Authorities, CSO’s, Academic Institutions and Good Friends of Health from Tanzania to take part in the AFRO watching of the WHO REGIONAL COMMITTEE FOR AFRICA

Within the framework of PHM’s initiative of Democratizing Global Health Governance, the PHM has been watching the meetings of the governing bodies of the WHO for the previous few years. Please refer to the WHO-watch section on the website on the Global Health Watch for detailed documentation of previous watching activities.

The Africa regional committee meeting will be taking place from the 1st to the 5th of September 2014 in Cotonou, Benin .


This will be the second time for PHM and the first time for PHM Tanzania to participate in the meeting. As the meeting is 12 days away, there is some urgency to get us started on the commentaries and statements.


Therefore, PHM Tanzania would like to welcome Individual Health Activist, Civil Society Organization, Academic Institutions and Good Friends of Health from Tanzania on developing a PHM commentary on selected items on the agenda of the meeting that highlight PHM positions linked to general African reality or Tanzanian contextPlease note that among the 20 agenda items, we would like to consult on which items you may consider to be of priority. Please find the suggested items (8) which we could focus on. We thought that they would be of special importance to the PHM in Tanzania and Africa at large – (the suggested items are listed, see below). We expect that there will be a focus on Ebola at the RC as well. However, we would like to coordinate a quick consultation during which PHM Tanzania can further identify the most relevant items for Tanzania context leading to better informed prioritization. PHM Global Network has worked on the PHM page for AfroRC64  and has ensured that the docs which have been published are linked and that where relevant has inserted links to relevant PHM pages prepared for EB136 which cover the required ground


We wish that you will make time for:

A quick consultation with PHM Tanzania to advice about the most relevant items to Tanzania context among the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the regional committee


To consider:

Part of the WHO Watch model is supposed to involve canvassing for comment from across our networks and consulting regarding the position we might adopt on topical issues.  In terms of remaining (uncommented) issues and issues around which we should be consulting more broadly suggested priority might go to:

·       Item 12 on Emergency and Ebola,
·       Malaria (although this might remain restricted to the PSC), and
·       Non-state actors.

Part of the WHO Watch model is supposed to involve lobbying ministers of health in advance of the RC meeting and the PHM webpage might help in this.





Sixty-fourth session

Cotonou. Benin. 1-5 September 2014

Provisional agenda item


1.       Opening of the meeting

2.       Constitution of the Subcommittee on Nominations

     3.       Election of the Chairman, the Vice-Chainnen and    the               Rapporteurs

4.       Adoption of the agenda

5.       Appointment of members of the Subcommittee on Credentials

6.       The Work of WHO in the African Region: report of the Regional Director 2014

7.       Statement of the Chairman of the Programme Subcommittee

8.       Election of the Regional Director

9.       Progress towards the achievement of the health-related millennium development goals in the African Region

10.    Regional Strategic Plan for Immunization 2014-2020

11.    Viral Hepatitis: Situation analysis and perspectives in the African Region

12.    African Public Health Emergency Fund: Accelerating the process of implementation

13.    Implementation of the WHO Programme Budget 2014-2015 in African Region

WHO Re/orm

14.    Process for developing the Programme Budget 2016-2017

15.    Strategic Budget space allocation

16.    Framework for engagement with non-State actors

17.   Information

17.1. Report on WHO staff in the African Region

17.2. Regional matters arising from reports of the WHO internal and external audits

17.3. Poliomyelitis in the African Region: progress report

17.4. The Pan African programme for public health adaptation to climate change: current status and perspectives

18.    Draft agenda and dates of the Sixty-fifth session of the Regional     Committee and place of the Sixty-sixth session of the Regional Committee

19.    Adoption of the report of the Regional Committee

20.    Closure of the Sixty-fourth session of the Regional Committee

Any Individual Health Activist, Government Authority, CSOs, Academic Institution or any friend of Health from Tanzania who is interested to take part in the AFRO Watching of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, please send your comments on any of the suggested items via our E-mail: [email protected] BCC. [email protected]



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