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Pre Assembly Activities




We are less than 6 months away from the Third People's Health Assembly (PHA3) and preparations are taking place full steam ahead!

The website is updated, the venue confirmed, the overall program themes are set and registration is open!

In terms of mobilisation, we are very interested in hearing what is happening in regions and countries leading up to PHA3. We are gradually beginning to receive some news on what is happening around the world such as connections being established, ideas of concurrent events being explored, regional meetings and workshops being prepared.

We look forward hearing what is happening on your side!


Most importantly now is to get out the message that PHA3 is taking place and that registration are open! We count on each of you to contact people to speed up the communications around PHA3 in your region/country ensuring all PHM health activists are aware of the PHA3 and find ways to attend.

Some ideas for PHA3 mobilisation follow. We encourage you to share this with the country circles of your region. Please find attached the PHA3 information brochure which can be used for fundraising and mobilisation activities.

PHA3 is a people-centred platform for sharing - Be part of PHA3 now!

PHA3 offers a platform for the movement to express itself, celebrate achievements, analyse global health, strengthen solidarity, facilitate learning and sharing, re-assess past activities, build networks and make new and valuable connections! It also offers a platform for exchange of ideas and cultures through creative means. We encourage PHM friends to assist in shaping the cultural and creative spaces within PHA, within the framework of strategising towards Health for All.


This can be done by bringing music, theatre and art from your region and country to Cape Town and by organising mass events, self organised workshops and sessions. Through these we can use PHA3 as a space to connect and share.

There will be display space, screens for video showings (documentaries, short films, promotional video's etc), stages for music and theatre, space for art work etc . We will organise these logistics to facilitate your contributions!

Please contact Anneleen on [email protected] with your questions, ideas and suggestions!


Sponsorships will be limited - how to attend the PHA3?


Unfortunately the financial environment has made fundraising centrally extremely difficult – we do however continue sending in proposals and hope to raise more. This does however impact on the number of scholarships we will be able to provide. We would therefore encourage all regions and circles to secure additional funding for sponsoring participants. Where possible, please do also approach your organisations or academic institutions to sponsor you. When contacting donors we would recommend to consult with Hani Serag on [email protected] first to ensure alignment globally in approaching donors.





Pre Assembly mobilisation will allow for more people to be able to participate in the process of the Assembly, as not everybody will be present at the actual event. The process of pre assembly mobilisation contributes to making the PHA3 a people’s driven assembly where people’s voices are the base for discussions and decisions at the Assembly.

Pre Assembly activities are not only about preparing for the PHA3, it is also about building a stronger health movement in your countries and globally, about building and strengthening grassroots activism and impacting directly on the struggle for social justice.

Practical questions as a guide for country and regional mobilisation

  • What themes and issues relevant for your country or community do you believe should be presented during the global PHA3? Don’t be restricted to one theme.
  • Which existing and new activities can be carried out to mobilise around these themes?
  • Who are possible partners in and beyond your community and / or country? Think of new organisations and networks beyond those you currently work with.
  • Can a process be facilitated to bring various organisation to work together as part of the mobilisation process?
  • Which resources are needed and can you mobilise for these resources?
  • Are there local, national and regional events and / or activities on which PHA mobilisation activities can be latched?

Provide details on Pre Assembly Activities in your country/region



Mobilisation Committee

The mobilisation committee, together with the regional coordinators and SC, is to drive national, regional and global mobilisation processes and to pro-actively use PHA3 mobilisation to grow the movement.

This committee will work closely with and incorporate where possible existing PHM structures of communication and mobilisation.

For more information on PHA3 activities in your region, do not hesitate to contact:

South East Asia


Marcia Soumokil

[email protected]


Shila Kaur

[email protected]


Gene Nisperos

[email protected]


Sophea Chrek

[email protected]





Shelley White

[email protected]


Leigh Haynes

[email protected]


Latin America



Gabriel Garcia

[email protected]


Erika Arteaga



Silvana Verissimo




East Africa

Omondi Otieno

[email protected]

West Africa

Kingsley Asare

[email protected]

West Africa

Celestin Compaore

[email protected]

Southern Africa

Itai Rusike

[email protected]


For mobilisation activities of the other regions, please contact the global secretariat directly.


View the PHM planned activities . . . Coming soon