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PHM background papers contributed to 'The Lancet - University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health'

Wed, 02/12/2014

The Lancet—University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health' has been released.

This report examines power disparities and dynamics across a range of policy areas that aff ect health and that require improved global governance: economic crises and austerity measures, knowledge and intellectual property, foreign investment treaties, food security,transnational corporate activity, irregular migration, and violent conflict.


PHM regional news - State of the movement January 2013


In preparation for the Steering Council meeting taking place 27-28 January 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, regional representatives prepared reports on activities that took place within their region since PHA3.

A summary has been developed which was presented during the SC meeting.

CLICK HERE for the summary of the regional reports.

A PHM tribute to Gavin Mooney and Del Weston

Sat, 12/29/2012

The tragic deaths of life partners Gavin Mooney, and Del Weston, on the 20th December, is a huge loss to the progressive health movement around the world. Gavin, a leading health economist and one of the founders of the field of health economics, and Del, who had just completed a PhD on the political economy of Climate Change, were social justice activists associated with the People’s Health Movement for the past decade.

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PHM-Oz Adelaide Meeting of SA people November 30

The meeting was held in the Bice Building of the Department of Public health, Adelaide University to hear reports from local PHM people who have returned form the 2nd People’s Health Assembly (PHA2) held in Cuenca, Ecuador in June. Fran Baume chaired the meeting and introduced the speakers. Frank Tesoriero, Paul Laris, Liz Sanders and Monica Chiappe spoke.

Paul Laris
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