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People's Health Movement - USA

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PHM-USA is a network of individuals and organizations working to transform the United States health system while also supporting international efforts to challenge destructive US policies and corporations. Being part of PHM-USA means sharing the values of the People's Charter for Health and advancing a vision of health for all.








Find out more about what's happening in the
North America region and in PHM-USA on our website




There are many ways to join the movement!

  • SIGN UP to receive occasional announcements and action alerts by emailing [email protected]
  • GET ACTIVE with an interest group on:
    • Health Systems Reform and Access to Health Care (email jopuvvula[at]
    • Climate Change & Environmental Justice (email leigh.kamore[at] 
    • Extractive Industries (email sarahs[at]
    • Work and the Right to Health: Visit our wiki for resources and activities:
    • Trade and Health (email leigh.kamore[at]
  • SHARE your contact info and interests here. And see if anyone in your area or with similar interests is involved here.
  • BRING YOUR IDEAS! PHM is led by the activists who make up the movement. We all welcome your interests and projects aimed at achieving the right to health. PHM's national and global networks are here to support you!


Recommended readings and videos

On health systems strengthening and access to care:

On environmental justice:  


Learn more

You can learn more about who we are and how we work on the coordinating committee pageHave questions or ideas? Please write to [email protected]!

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