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About PHM-Ghana

A group of young Ghanaian health activists who have been involved in activities of the global People’s Health Movement decided to join forces in forming a Ghana Circle of the PHM. The need for PHM-Ghana is to mobilise grassroots support for improved and universal health for ALL.

Civil society is quite active in Ghana, and has played crucial role in championing the course for social equity, accountability and good governance among others. In the areas of water and education for example, civil society groups continue to play an important role of drawing attention to the peculiar challenges of vulnerable groups, to the provision of quality services in a sustainable way. Likewise, in the field of health, several success stories can be mentioned in the areas of HIV prevention, care and support; in reproductive health education; among others.

PHM-Ghana intends to build on these already ongoing efforts, by brining together a broader group of stakeholders (not just limited to health) under the banner of a shared vision for Health for ALL. PHM-Ghana is a movement; not an organization. Its objectives and activities shall be defined and developed by the memberships.

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