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The People's Charter on HIV and AIDS

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the greatest humanitarian crises of all times. It has caused death and misery, destroyed families and communities and ravaged entire populations. Africa's experience shows that HIV/AIDS, in a single
stroke, can destroy development gains of several decades as well as the social fabric of the community A similar tragedy is unfolding in other parts of the world. Spreading along migration routes related to globalization, poverty, war and conflict, HIV/AIDS is now associated with the resurgence of other communicable diseases of poverty such as tuberculosis.

The Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 promised Health for All by 2000. HIV/AIDS was not a key issue in 1978. While the emergence of HIV/AIDS subsequently negatively affected the Health for All goal this goal, the total breakdown of the public health system and primary health care during the 1980s and 1990s has amplified the spread and impact.

The People's Health Movement (PHM) considers HIV/AIDS as a major public health issue. However PHM believes that the way to combat HIV/AIDS is not through a exclusively medical approach but through better politics, care, research, pro-people policies, rights and governance and effective communication.

Access to ARV treatment has increased the life expectancy and quality of life of those who can afford it. The majority of AIDS patients are poor and are being denied access to treatment in violation of their basic human rights. Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and women are the most vunerable.

The People's Charter on HIV and AIDS is a consensus document that amplifies the voices of the people affected, infected, living with and suffering from HIV/AIDS. It aims at providing a people's perspective on HIV/ AIDS and related issues like access, rights and trade issues.

The People's Charter on HIV and AIDS was officially released by the People's Health Movement during the International AIDS conference at Bangkok in July 2004.

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