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It is hoped that the Watch will be used as a catalyst for the development and strengthening of existing campaigns around the world to improve health and equity. Health Workers can make a difference In both developed and developing countries, health professionals are in a unique position to push for change.
Health workers can act as individuals; through their employing organisations and professional associations; through civil society organisations promoting health or advocating on behalf of the health of poor and vulnerable groups. For many ideas on how to make a difference see Global Health Action 2005-2006 (GHW1 Exectuve Summary) & GHW2 Overview. Help us promote the Global Health Watch in your region You can do this by:
  •     holding a launch of the Watch in your city (see these guidelines for more information on how)
  •     searching for funding from your region to support the Global Health Watch or to support a country or regional Watch
Create a local or regional Health Watch A central aim of the Watch is to encourage national and regional groupings of health professionals, in collaboration with other NGOs and other sections of civil society, to organise their own health watches to monitor the actions of their governments, the private sector and the international community, and to challenge them as required. This is an important ingredient to the social mobilisation required to promote political change in favour of improved health and reduced inequalities. Some examples already existing are:
  • Latin American Health Watch
  • Indian Health Report
Help us produce Global Health Watch You can do this by:
  • Submitting testimonies and case studies
  • Volunteering to help with technical reviews
  • Co-authoring chapters
Contact the GHW Secretariat

Should you have any additional inquiries or wish to get involved in any of the above activities, please contact Amit Sengupta, Coordinator of Global Health Watch at: asengupta[at]