Global Health Watch 3

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Global Health Watch 3 was launched on 19 October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  View the power point presentation, providing an overview of the contents of GHW-3, here.


Section I: The Global Political and Economic Architecture

A.1. Economic Crisis and Systemic Failure: Why we need to rethink the global economy

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We call upon all progressive health and development NGOs to participate in disseminating the contents of Global Health Watch.

Global Health Watch 3 - Call for Case Studies and Testimonies

Examining the World’s Health from an Alternative Perspective

The Global Health Watch provides a platform for activists to share experiences and inform each other with practical examples and theoretical analyses to strengthen local, national, regional and global campaigns towards Health for All!

How you can voice your views?

The Global Health Watch is putting out a call for the submission of country or region specific case studies and testimonies. These case studies and testimonies will form part of the electronic platform of the alternative world health and selected case studies shall also be incorporated into the final document of Global Health Watch 3 – scheduled for publication in 2011. 

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